Rideau Canal in Winter

Rideau Canal in Winter

domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

Sweets beginins.

Here, we go again. Lets get the party started.
Today, the 3th of October, it makes a month since i arrive to Ottawa, at 8:30 on the evening i think that i was arriving to my hostel and since all this adventure started. I know that i havent told my little adventures here, but now i am going to summarize all the adventures, the experiences, the feelings. Okey, it doesnt sound like easy.

Let me say, that my travel to Ottawa, was the most chaotic moment of my life.

FIRST MOMENT OF PANIC: I discovered on the train to Valladolid- Madrid, that my bag was broken and all my stuff was trying to go out fo my bag, but DONT WORRY, my mum is the coolest person in the world, and she knows that in my life that kind of thing are goign to happen, so she had another bag. PERFECT. We arrived to the airport and i cant sit down because i was so nervous. I cried a lot when i say goodbye to my mum and to Leti, my friend from Madrid, but in that moment that you cross the line, you feel a mix of fear, streght, hapiness and sadness.

SECOND MOMENT OF PANIC: My hand-suitcase, didnt fit on the plane but the people is cool and my suitcase travelled on bussines class, so i have V.I.P suitcase.
I couldnt sleep on the plane, so i saw a lot of movies, i eat, i listened to music, i thought about my potencial future life in Ottawa and i missed my house, friends and family a lot.

I arrived to Toronto and the sun was shining, so i think okey, the cold weather is a little lie and it is a legend, but i realized later that this was my imagination. The most amazing thing in my life was that i met Ana, a spanish girl from Vigo, but she studied on Madrid. She was going to Ottawa and now she is my best friend and i really love her. =)

And, then the rest of my chaotic day, was arriving to the hostel, fall in love with the most incredible receptiion man, take a shower and going to sleep.

The next days were so good, because i was there and i felt alive. I met people that now they are very important for me, and i just felt that i was there and that the first step had been succesful.

The next week was the hardest one, since i was here, becuase i was looking for a house and i didnt found anything, so it was very hard, you always hear a "no" and you feel like out of place, but suddenly, one sunday, doing laundry, i found my house and all started to wohttp://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=2883212681836846325rked. It is amazing the feeling that you have in that moment, you want to shout, and you want to cry and you feel brave and like your are able to do anything that you want.

The first night on my house, was oe of the happiest ones. I just went to bed and start crying because i was happy and that is so nice, is so awesome.

And those are my begginis. I have to say that they have been so sweet and i promise that i will tell more things about my ottawa cuki life in few days.

pd: tomorrow, the spanish version ;)

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